Day 01 :  Arival at  Nainital or Bhimtal – the beautiful lake district of Kumaon. After settling into deluxe hotel, visit the shimmering mountain lake for boating or sailing and the bustling mall for local action. Nainital is at 6400 feet asl and Bhimtal at 4525 feet asl is quieter. Overnight at Nainital or Bhimtal.

Day 02 :  Discover these quaint hill towns. Excursions on foot or horses within Nainital to Snow View (7500 feet asl) or Dorothy’s Seat, Tiffin Top for Himalayan views or near Nainital to Kilbury, Naukuchiatal,

Khorlo is the wheel in Buddhist literature – the wheel of life – the cycle of eternal growth. ‘Khorlo’ signifies the fortune of passing the time of all the sentient beings under the blessings of Lord Buddha’s Wheel of Dharma being tuned eternally without coming to an end. In Tibetan Literature ‘Khorlo’ means “The Rising Sun”. It symbolizes the propagation of Buddha’s teaching. The first sermon setting in motion of the cycle of law is symbolist in a wheel with eight spokes, which stand for the eight fold path.


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